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What the Record Deal?
Ummm, newsflash Birdman, Lil Wayne doesn't
need a record label.  Uh oh!  Seems like to me
Birdman is losing control over his puppets and
now he's mad.  Well, Lil Wayne will soon get a
taste of what is like to be in control of
everybody's money.  And, how well will he do?  
Well, we'll have to wait to ask his artists.  
Meanwhile, yeah usually you have to wait for
your record label to release your record and
your freaking money.  And they can drag their
ass if they want.  And watch you squirm.   So
having your own record label is a pretty cool
thing.  Lil Wayne should have thought of this
earlier.  But Birdman sounds like he's Pimpin,
talking about he's pissed Lil Waye disrespected
the family.  That's just code for "I do you how I
do you.  This is my record label Beyotch!"  
That's just wrong!
Good Sport or Bad Art?
Kanye did it again!  He silently took away
someone's golden moment at the Grammy's.  
Or was it the other way around, the Grammy's
took away favored winner Beyonce' for the
Album of the Year Award and gave it to Beck.  
The only thing I do know is there's art and
there's popular art, kinda like when painters
get together and paint and when they're done,
people are going, "What the heck is that?"  I
agree someone else could've won, Beyonce'
or whomever, but only Kanye will slap the
Grammy Team in the face when they judge a
boo boo.  However, we must constantly be
aware that popular and art are two different
things.  From the Grammy's view, it was the
best art.  From the World's view, it was an error
on the vote tally.  Ooops, better fix that!  Wait!  
What about the Piccasso in Chiago?!
Ok Bruce, I know the girls are ruining stuff that
can be on your show by babbling all the time.  
And shouldn't it shouldn't it come directly from
your mouth in their presence.  That's what I see
as an official Bruce Jenner, I mean Jenny
commentary.  I'm not being funny when I say
Jenny either.  We'll have to get used to him
being a woman.  I've nick named him Bruce
Jenny for that reason.  Meanwhile, I'm not sure if
I'll ever agree with sex change operations,
except in cases where a person is a
hermaphrodite.  Then you're choosing in the
dark could be wrong.  Or if a person has way,
way more feminine or masculine hormones and
they're the opposite sex.  I don't know how it
becomes that a person wants to be on the other
side so much so that they change their sex.  I
wouldn't.  What if I changed my mind?  Wait!
That's right! You can change back.  What is the
world coming to?  Go to sleep a boy and wake
up a girl....Presto, Chango, Magico!
Kid Rock Wants Some Honey!
I cannot believe that Kid Rock would make such
derogatory comments about Beyonce' and then
he post a can of Raid for the Bey Hive.  At this
point, I'm willing to bet, he wants some honey.  
Perhaps the Bey Hive to send him a jar to help
sweeten his attitude towards an extraordinary
star.  But I guess everyone has their own
definition of what a star is and what talent is.  
Apparently, Kid Rock's definition is completely
unpopular.  Looking forward to seeing you at
the "B" level Kid.  I know your awesomeness is
becoming more and more apparent as I type
this sweet love note to you.  Meanwhile, I too
appreciate talent as defined by my own
definition, but popular demand always wins!
Gay Haters Have to Step Back Again!
Say whaaat, Jussie Smollett is gay for real! Un
huh. And he's super talented and sexy say his
fans.  They are wowing him left and right.  And
all the gay haters are cringing and plotting to
smack their senses straight.  Good thing God
knows ALL of his children aren't perfect.  Good
thing God will be doing the judging in the
afterlife.  Meanwhile, Jussie Smollett is heating
up the television that's for sure.  He and the
rest of his crew from "Empire."  So happy for
their success.  The hardest part for society is
accepting that it's not their job to judge people
for who they love.  The rest is just "Empire"
Okay, now I'm thinking I was born yesterday,
cause I would have never known this woman was
a man before her change.  I guess I'm impressed at
how lovely she looks.  However, I just don't get it.  
Maybe I never will.  I just don't think I could ever
want to change the sex I was born to be another.  
It's as if you either hate yourself or wish you were
someone else to an extreme that is out of this
world.   But in the end, she's more gorgeous than
some real women.  And if a man fell in love with
her, what then?  I think if I used to be a man, I'd be
man enough to tell another man so he'd know
before we were married.  That way if someone ever
said it to him, I wouldn't have to stand there jaw
gapping wild.
Catch A Cop Off Duty Game
Hmmm, last I checked, you don't hit officers, on
duty or off duty.  So what kind of game is The
Game playing.  I here you dude, you ain't
playing straight with crooked cops.  Thank God
they're going to investigate, cause brother
those is just words without proof.  Of course I
wasn't there.  I had my run ins with police in
traffic court, where I thought I was so bad ass I
cussed many a officers in my 20s and they let
me go.  Now, I wouldn't even think about it.
Some Police Officers today are truly delusional
with implicit/explicit bias or crooked cop
syndrome.  Police deserve their respect no
matter what.  Once they venture into delusional
mode, then you need a real cop. Hopefully,
we can squash this misdirected energy and
win some positive insight and more respect for
What A Millionaire Jerk!
I guess you can't buy class or character,
something that gets proven all the time.   No
matter what kinda evil, diva bitch people see
Kenya Moore as, no one deserves to be so
wrecked in love.  I know, what goes around,
comes around.  I've not seen the reality show
that features Kenya and the others.  I just hate
crappy chic mess!  Anyways, either this guy's
mother never taught him how to love a woman
or not love a woman, or he's a million times a
real jerk.  Perhaps in the background, Kenya
took it for more than what it was.  If so, so sad
to learn about it this way.  However, I'm forever
a fan of love, peace and happiness. Where I
come from being real is more important than
planning a public heart break.  I felt this all
the way home.  Sorry Kenya....
He's Feeling HImself!
Jaden Smith is definitely feeling himself.  He's
not afraid to be Will Smith's and Jada Pinkett's
son.  Neither is sister Willow.
 And how do you
do that by being like everyone else?  To me
they are like Batman and Catwoman.  Able to
prove everyone wrong about anything they
assume about them.  Able to take simple and
make it noticeable.  Oh, just your average
teenagery stuff, huh.  The most important thing
is that the both of them are young, intelligent
and not afraid to get to know their real selves
and have the world watch while they do it.  I
just love it!  Meanwhile, who else could rock a
kelt like dress and make it look cool like a rock
star!   Go Jaden!  
Kalief Browder - Somebody's Secret Hate
You'd have to be made of stone and pure
ignorance to not have empathy for this young
man.  When the rest of the world copies the
stupidity, a worldwide epidemic of paper written
hate ensues.  They're not indicating race as the
catalyst for this injustice, instead they are
targeting the paper work delay that ultimately
cost this beautiful young man his life.  It's
horrific!  Sure I understand red tape, but it
happens too frequent to minorities. This kind of
thing is killing us all.  Please don't just sit back
and let the statistics pile, if you are able do
something, do it.  My heart aches for this young
man and his family.  Time to clean-up dirty laws,
and paper streams that create loopholes for
multiple injustices.  That's what's up!
Do You Really Want To Be Rihanna's Bitch?
Last I checked, being someone else's bitch was
no fun.  Rihanna's sexy, violent show case of what
happens when you fail to pay up is quite the          
fantasy.   Who doesn't want to be rich and ruthless
for a hot minute?  At least that's all I'd want.  The
rich part could stay on, but ruthless would
definitely have to go.  As for the killing, why I
wouldn't hurt a fly, unless it got in my way.  
Seriously though, believe what you want.  Being
addicted to watching the bad guys get caught is
not the same thing, right.  So the cross over is,
your eyes are drawn to the busty sexual nuendo
so much so that the violence is glazed over.  I'm
pretty sure I'm not the only one that caught that.  
Therein lies the problem, too much sex and
violence!  Apparently, that's the right recipe for
this video.  It's reigning views.   Bitch Better Have
My Money!  What a pimp move this is.....
How Come We Can't All Be Brian Guendling?
Some people grown up to just take up space in
the world.  And their happy with their right to do
so.  But this guy Brian Guendling is so awesome!  
He was born with a short-term memory problem
and didn't speak until he was four years old.  If  
you thought this guy was gonna let that stop him,
you're wrong!  It's such an unselfish life he leads.  
He doesn't need to do concerts for the deaf and
hard of hearing, but he does.  It's fun for him and
them!  Sometimes you fall in love with genuine
people.  Brian Guendling, You're My Sweet Heart!
Miley Has Twerked Her Mind Out!
Geez!  I really appreciate Miley's "I'm me, deal with
it" attitude.  However, you ain't black girl and
neither is Taylor.  Yeah Nikki's rant was about both
of you indirectly and anybody else that fit the
description that she felt the VMA only recognizes.
Miley, the next time you feel slighted for being
black, let us all know so we can get your
permission to say it the way it feels right for a
white girl to express how a black girl should
express being disrespected by the VMAs.  That's
like saying, Miley, tell us how you really feel.  Now
wait, don't stick your tongue out!
Told You Kanyet West Was Raised Right!
I'm so happy Kanye apologized to Taylor Swift and
they are now friends.  I was such a fan and when
he did this, I questioned my fanship.  I was still
taken by his music and charisma, but I was trying
to reroute the jerkism.  And then he reached out
and did the right thing.  Taylor accepted his
apology, she didn't have to; it was a really jerky
thing to do.  I'm so glad that they both overcame
his temporary lapse in judgment.  I wasn't
originally a Taylor Swift fan, but when he did this
to her, I was coming on board.  So happy to say
looking forward to this example in world activity.
Am I dreaming or what?
I Vote Elizabeth Warren for President 2016!
Oh, Hillary Clinton, I am so sorry.  I love you, but
this woman I'd vote for!  Charisma, Believability,
Ready to Kick Ass!  Yes!  I'd vote for her!  She
punched every last one my buttons.  She made me
think about campaigning for her.  Elizabeth where
have you been hiding.  Can you please make it all
happen?  You're the "It" we've been looking for.
J to the Lo, Lo
Now that's the J-Lo I liked!  I'm once again a fan of this
performance.  That's the Fly Girl we all fell in love with
on  In Living Color.  The Waiting for Tonight girl.  Then
she showed some serious voice strength.  I love it!  
She act like she forgot, but she just remembered...J to
the Lo, Lo!
Keep Hope Alive
This is sad.  I sincerely hope he's innocent.  If not,
may he get the help and punishment he deserves.
No offense, Nikki.  It is what it is.  Keep hope alive
No Justification, Just Bulls..t!
For real.  This is just one more crap attempt to
keep the unity of the "good ol boys together."  
There's no way he thought the boy was a man.  
There's no way the freaking parent or person who
called this shit in isn't as guilty as even the
dispatcher.  You sit in your shelter of a house and
see a child playing with a gun and not even go
outside to investigate, or spend enough time
watching to take in motive, you're just another
damn Zimmerman.  Just bullshit!
And Whose Afraid of Technology Now....
That's what we get!  Kids who have embarked on
the cusp of greater technology and more to
come.   It's great!  What more could we ask for?
Dumb kids.....