Spiritually Intriguing - The Church Edition
The Church Edition
Reverend Marcus L. Tabb, Sr.
Hyde Park A.M.E. Church
Reverend Marcus L. Tabb, Sr. Answers:  

-How do you feel about America intervening in
third world country affairs?  Are we  helping or

-If your poor, how do you develop a healthy self-
esteem when everyone around you is telling you
you’re worthless and a peasant in society?

- How do you feel about the Tupacs, Biggie Smalls,
Jay-Zs  and Eminems of the world?  They beat the
odds whereas other high society members saw them
and their music as failures because of the messages
in their music.

-Americans are becoming more and more
overweight.  Is gluttony to blame?  Or is our food
processing industry to blame?
Razzy Gospel
Reverend Marcus L. Tabb, Sr. Answers:

-How much does America care about the apparent
evolution of suicide?

-Pope Francis says that the church cannot focus only
on abortion, contraception and gay marriage.  He
says that the church will "fall like a house of cards" if
it does not find better balance.  How does this
opinion affect the Black church?

-Many people blame the paparazzi for Princess
Diana's death.  In Princess Diana's case they're on the
paparazzi.  Do you feel that the paparazzi are so
careless and wreckless in their pursuit of celebrity
and political images, so much so that British
politicians have used them as a cover up for murder?

-What's happening with our child stars growing up
into seriously alcohol/drug addicted and mentally
afflicted adults?  Are they just living their lives
publicly and making the same mistakes as normal
teenagers? Or are they cursed from being exposed
to Hollywood success so early in age?