Spiritually Intriguing - The Church Edition
The Church Edition
Reverend Dr. John E. Jackson, Sr.
Trinity United Church of Christ - Gary, IN
Razzy Gospel
Reverend Dr. John E. Jackson, Sr.  Answers:   

- Do you feel there is criminal activity connected
with the Malaysian flight disappearance since more
than half of the flight contained Chinese Officials?

- Is Death Row necessary?  And why does it take a
student organization investigation to expose our
flawed justice system?  How many people have
died behind this type of justice?
Reverend Dr. John E. Jackson, Sr.  Answers:

-Recently, a homeless woman was so
desperate, she left her two young children in a
hot car with the windows cracked while she
went on a job interviews.  Should she be jailed
or put on probation?

animal had endured cruel torture by humans?  
How about a pork chop or a chicken sandwich?
What is going on in the psyche of someone
who physically and sexually abuses farm
animals or orther animals?
Reverend Dr. John E. Jackson, Sr.  Answers:   

-Why do we need a Digital Inclusion Initiative
spearheaded by Jesse Jackson, Sr. to generate Black
advertising dollars in digital advertising?  Is racism a
part of the problem?

-Recently, a reality TV star was shot by his own nephew
on the way to his mother's funeral.  The article indicates
the shooter believed the victim was not properly caring
for the deceased.  What does the ruthlessness of this
act say about our morals today?  What of the care issues
that is being ignored and blamed on jealousy and envy?
Reverend Dr. John E. Jackson, Sr.  Answers:   

-What is this having an open relationship?  It's even
in marriage.  Have today's marriages and long-term
relationships been redefined?

-Phillip Seymour Hoffman, a very talented actor, he
played Capote in the film Capote, recently died of a
drug overdose.  What is happening to our ability to
cope with life's daily challenges without medication?  
Is it due to lack of good spiritual guidance?