Spiritually Intriguing - The Church Edition
The Church Edition
Reverend Chet J. Johnson, Senior Pastor
New Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church  - Gary, IN
Razzy Gospel
Pastor Chet J. Johnson Answers:   

- Is Adrian Peterson a child abuser for punishing his
child the same as he was punished?

- Why are we still fighting for Women's Equal Pay in
Pastor Chet J. Johnson Answers:   

-Why did Rihanna's NFL performance get pulled from
a game during the Ray Rice Situation?  Why are we
punishing her?

-Utah has faith in their homeless and it proves right.  
Why can't we?
Pastor Chet J. Johnson Answers:   

-Can Maya Angelou's poem Phenomenal Woman have
positive impact on today's youth?

-Actress, Comedienne, Monique, claims if we're
Christian back off Ray Rice.  Do you agree?
Pastor Chet J. Johnson Answers:   

-Why is it so hard for parents to let go of their
twenty somethings today?

-Drugs continue to reap havoc in Hollywood.  R & B
Singer, Robin Thicke is on this list.  Why are so
many people unable to cope with daily life without
drugs or alcohol?