Spiritually Intriguing - The Church Edition
The Church Edition
New Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church  - Gary, IN
Razzy Gospel
Pastor Charles A. Floyd, II Answers:   

- Physical characteristics are determined by
geographic regions, alleles and whatever else
genetic scientists assign to it.  Why is that so hard for
people to accept?

- Is there an immense effort to defeat President
Barack Obama from making strides in our nation's
Pastor Charles A. Floyd, II Answers:   

-A federal judge told the Supreme Court to shut the
"F" up.  What happens if there is more genuine
commentary in our court room?

-The current minimum wage in Illinois and Indiana has
done nothing for inflation or reality.  What's so hard
about creating a minimum wage that incorporates
real concern for people's lives?
Pastor Charles A. Floyd, II Answers:   

-Larenz Tate says Black Film is not as successful in
Hollywood, because they don't know how to promote it if
it's not stereotyped.  Has Black film progressed or

-Who or what is allowing certain neighborhoods in
Chicago to be so criminally violent that we are now
calling Chicago, Chiraq?  
Pastor Charles A. Floyd, II Answers:   

-Is diabetes a poor man's disease?

-How do you forgive someone like Casey Anthony?  
Is this the same kind of hate that drives racism, a
mob or other murderous crimes?