Spiritually Intriguing - The Church Edition
The Church Edition
Pastor Timothy F. Brown
First Baptist Church - Gary, IN
Razzy Gospel
Pastor Timothy F. Brown Answers:   

- What happens if we have a Republican President?  Republicans aren't
favorable to the middle class or poor.  Many of them want to undo what
President Obama has done in favor of helping all of America's citizens, not
just the rich.  I fear an America gone backwards.  What's your take on

- Are shows like "Empire" shaping our children's future perspectives on
what's important or is it just an entertainment soiree?  "Empire" had 17
million viewers, the Republican Debate had 22.9 million viewers.  The
show seems to be almost as important as our nation's future.  That's
exciting and alarming!
Pastor Timothy F. Brown Answers:   

-Is there no end to the Republicans lack of actual evidence of their
purported cries for help for America's dissolving nation?  Bill Maher is a
comedienne and talk show host and he can get the facts right.  Isn't this
how we got led into the whole Iraqi mass weapons of destruction
situation with speculation, lies and overstated actuations?

-Here's "Empire" producer, Lee Daniels in a lawsuit with Sean Penn.  
The suit proclaims that Lee Daniels shouldn't compare him to Terrence
HOward on spousal abuse, bcause it's not true.  The Atlanta Daily World
has stated in this article that he has beat women and ex-wife Madonna
and was violent, so let's not beaup Howard for doing the same thing.  
Daniels says it's a sign of the times on where we are on race in
America.  What do you think?
Pastor Timothy F. Brown Answers:   

-China wants the U.S. to return its fugitives.  Hmmmm.  I think we have
to define fugitive.  What if people escaping from a country that says
"you can't leave unless we say so whether you've done anything
illegal or not" were to become a fugitive, should we comply?  That's
not the case with China.  But I think we better define what we call
fugitive before we say okay we'll return your people.  What do you

-Chris Brown is trying to step up to the plate and be a father.  He has
recently won  joint custody with unsupervised visits with his daughter
Royalty.  With his record, I can see why the mother was concerned,
but I don't understand why he's saying the mother is using the
daughter as a "meal ticket" when his net worth is $30 million dollars.
Shouldn't the rich have to pay the same income requirements as
everyone else?
Pastor Timothy F. Brown Answers:   

-Pope Francis is in the United States.  I like him, but do we need a

-Driving a BMW these days?  Well their stunting a $1.6 million
lawsuit that was awarded for using background checks to
eliminate Blacks from their employ.  I don't think they started out
this way.  But when you use background checks to eliminate
employees considering America's pitiful rate of unlawful justice
against minorities, how did you think it would turn out any way but
how it did?  If they had replaced the terminated employees with
ones of the same race, that's different.  So $1.6 million it is!  How
do you feel about that?
Pastor Timothy F. Brown,
First Baptist Church of Gary, IN