Spiritually Intriguing - The Church Edition
The Church Edition
Pastor Sieon C. Roberts, Sr.
New Hope Missionary Baptist Church  - Gary, IN
Razzy Gospel
Pastor Sieon C. Roberts, Sr. Answers:   

- Are we happy that Bill Cosby's daughter is taking up
for him, or do we think she's just a naive daddy's girl?

- Why is race deeper at the forefront now?  Is it
because we have a Black President and some Whites
are maladjusted?  Why so much racial tension now?
Pastor Sieon C. Roberts, Sr. Answers:   

-Minority members of Congress stepped out and
staged their support for change in law enforcement
and justice.  How did they gauge the risk of losing
their jobs against this important matter?

-Are these sexy images of female rappers Lil Kim and
Nikki Minaj hurting our youth?
Pastor Sieon C. Roberts, Sr. Answers:   

-Should Seth Rogen and James Franco's movie, The
Interview have been made?  Why did Sony give in and
why was the movie screening cancelled?

-Can we understand and empathize why a Black Police
Officer feels he lives in two worlds, one where he
serves and protects and one of fear and suspicion?
Pastor Sieon C. Roberts, Sr.  Answers:   

-What do you think about a Preachers of Chicago or
Gary?  Something good or something bad?

-How can you discuss Detroit's recovery from
bankruptcy without bringing up Kevyn Orr's name?  
Yahoo News covers Detroit's bankruptcy and hails
Quicken Loans CEO, Dan Gilbert as others as the
reason, where's Kevyn Orr in this picture?