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Original Spiritual Intriguing
Pastor Timothy F. Brown
First Baptist Church, Gary, IN
626 W. 21st Street, Gary, IN 219-883-3216
Sunday Worship Service 10:45 a.m. Worship Experience, 915a Sacred Word Study
Reverend Walter B Johnson Jr
Pastor Marcus L Tabb
Rev. Dr Virgil M Woods
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Spiritually Intriguing - The
Church Edition.
Reverend Dr Eric l Leake
Welcome to Spiritually Intriguing -
The Church Edition on!  

Our mission is to develop stronger morals in
society.  We believe that by addressing the issues
in today's secular world through our spiritual
leaders, we will be better equipped to produce a
resolution to any problems we face.  We also
hope that you will find solace, praise and a
church home through our program.

Thanks for tuning into Spiritually Intriguing -
The Church Edition!
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Intriguing - The Church Edition.
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More Spiritually Intriguing - The Church Edition
Pastor Timothy F. Brown Answers:   

- What happens if we have a Republican President?  Republicans aren't favorable to the middle
class or poor.  Many of them want to undo what President Obama has done in favor of helping all
of America's citizens, not just the rich.  I fear an America gone backwards.  What's your take on

- Are shows like "Empire" shaping our children's future perspectives on what's important or is it
just an entertainment soiree?  "Empire" had 17 million viewers, the Republican Debate had 22.9
million viewers.  The show seems to be almost as important as our nation's future.  That's
exciting and alarming!
Pastor Timothy F. Brown,
First Baptist Church of Gary, IN