Are you in love?  Are ya' sure?  Okay, we believe you!  We support love that is not physically violent,
financially draining and/or emotionally debilitating. If you have one of these types of unhealthy
situations, you might want to re-examine love at a positive level or get counseling to change the
situation to a more healthy environment.  Love can and will conquer all, when it's worth it!  

Share your love on Razzy Love.  Send us a picture of you and your special someone, pay
$.99 and the
world will know about your love. Our special categories make it all the more enticing. There's
"Had Me
At Hello"
for new couples,"We're Working On It" for whatever the hell you're working on, and
Together For Eva!" for married or long-term couples!  Send in your postings like the samples below.
Keep your panties and bras, swim trunks and shirts on people!  We love ya' too! It's Razzy Love!
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